B.C. Air Quality

Provincial Idle Reduction Initiative: Hub for Active School Travel (HASTE)

The Hub for Active School Travel (HASTE) is a project that supports schools and their communities taking action on reducing transportation emissions in British Columbia. It's an online resource and networking centre, designed to help students, teachers, schools, and municipalities improve the health of individuals, communities and the environment.

Features of HASTE

  • A learning centre for discovering the issues around our travel habits, key facts, and what it takes to do something about reducing transportation emissions.
  • Tools and resources to help schools and students start or enhance campaigns and projects. The MyTravel Calculator measures individual and group travel impacts then tracks progress as groups act.
  • An online community of experts and peers to exchange lessons learned, share innovative ideas, and funding opportunities.
  • A showcase of action underway across British Columbia.

School Idle-Free Campaign: Vehicle idling around schools is a serious, avoidable contributor to environmental pollution and poor human health. Unnecessary idling significantly contributes to air pollution, which in turn worsens environmental and health problems, including the dramatic rise of childhood asthma.

The program and materials presented on the HASTE website have been designed to be easy to use and to produce real reductions in emissions.

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Contact: envprotdiv@Victoria1.gov.bc.ca

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