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Provincial Idle Reduction Initiative: B.C.'s Public Service Internal Idle-Reduction Project

Idle-Free Engine

As a part of B.C.’s Provincial Idle Reduction Initiative, the government has launched an internal idle-reduction campaign targeting all B.C. public-service employees.

The new Idle Free BC Tool Kit provides the tools required for B.C. public-service employees to become leaders in idle-reduction actions.

The primary goal of the Tool Kit is to significantly increase employees’ awareness of, and action towards, idle-reduction strategies, so they can become community leaders and stewards — promoting idle reduction at work and at home.

The Tool Kit is housed on the B.C. Public Service intranet, accessible to all provincial government employees.

The Tool Kit includes:

  • a link to Drive Smart BC: online, interactive green-driver training;
  • a link to the Easy Green Driving guide: a two-page summary guide offering "top 10" tips and useful links to green-employees’ driving habits;
  • a downloadable poster for lunch rooms;
  • a link to Distribution Centre Victoria, where signs can be purchased by the B.C. Public Service; and
  • a link to the Idle Free website, where employees can pledge their commitment to being idle free!

As well, Idle Free decals have been distributed to all fleet vehicles across the province.

Municipalities and businesses wanting to order standard or customizable Idle Free signs are invited to visit Distribution Centre Victoria.

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Contact: IdleFree@gov.bc.ca

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