B.C. Air Quality

Outdoor Wood-Fired Hydronic Heaters (Boilers)

Outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters are boiler systems that are housed in sheds outside the home and operate by heating water that runs through pipes to heat the home or building. They are used to heat multiple buildings, including homes, garages, outbuildings, greenhouses and dairy farms. (They are also known as outdoor wood-fired boilers.)

These appliances have nowhere near the low-emission standards of wood stoves and can cause significant smoke impacts in populated areas. For more information, see Outdoor Wood Fired Hydronic Heaters: What You Need to Know (PDF: 434 KB/2 pages).

Central heating with wood-fired boilers and furnaces is not as common it used to be, since wood stoves can provide sufficient heat in modern homes. The combustion technology has lagged behind the advances in wood stoves, meaning there are very few commercial units that come close to achieving the low-emission levels and high efficiencies of advanced wood stoves.

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