Ministry of Environment

Asphalt Plant Regulation

The Province intends to establish an Asphalt Plant Code of Practice to replace the current Asphalt Plant Regulation with an Asphalt Plant Code of Practice.

A Code of Practice is a legally binding and enforceable set of rules that must be followed by the asphalt industry for environmental protection. This Code would be established under the Environmental Management Act (EMA) and the Waste Discharge Regulation (WDR).

The Asphalt Plant Code of Practice will apply across the province and will have consistent emission standards and monitoring requirements for asphalt plants to:

  1. Protect the environment and human health;
  2. Provide clear regulatory direction; and
  3. Incorporate current and emerging trends and technologies in asphalt plants.  

The proposed code would address air emission releases, discharge of process and storm water, and the management of dust and odour — as well as registration, monitoring, record keeping and enforcement.


The Province developed a policy intentions paper for the proposed Asphalt Plant Code of Practice to seek responses from stakeholders and the public. Public consultation on the paper concluded in April 2012.

For a summary of the proposed policy for the code, including the Province's mandate and objectives, background information, and potential environmental and human health concerns associated with asphalt plants: 

Public Consultation Process:

The public consultation on the proposed policy paper for the Asphalt Plant Code of Practice concluded in April, 2012.

For a summary of public comments on the code:

For information on the consultation process:

For general information on the development of Codes of Practice and the review of current regulations: