Ministry of Environment

Proposed Changes to the Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation

The Province is reviewing and revising the Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation (SFBDAR) under the Environmental Management Act (EMA) in keeping with actions set out in the B.C. Air Action Plan. In addition to meeting the Air Action Plan goal, the review process supports the Province's commitment to continuous improvement and the regular review and revision of regulations as appropriate.

The SFBDAR aims to reduce air pollution from domestic wood heating by regulating the sale of woodstoves and other solid fuel burning domestic appliances in B.C. This regulation has not been substantively revised since enacted in 1994. The objective of the proposed revisions is to further reduce air pollution from domestic wood heating.

Based on feedback from the 2010 intentions paper, a review of the newly released United States Environmental Protection Agency's New Source Performance Standards for residential wood heaters, and a review of other jurisdictions, improvements have been made to the policy direction. An information update describing the proposed approach was posted in Fall 2015 for public comment.

Comments received between September 30th and November 16th, 2015 have been compiled into a summary of comments. All comments received will be considered by the ministry in preparing the proposed amendments to the SFBDAR.

Public Consultation Process

The Province previously consulted on the SFBDAR with an intentions paper released in 2010. Comments were solicited for a period of 60 days.

For a summary of the received comments see:

For more information on the consultation process and the development of policy intentions papers see: