Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Environment’s review of Land Based Spill Preparedness and Response in British Columbia

Fall 2013 Project Status & Second Intentions Paper

The Land Based Spill Response and Preparedness team has concluded lengthy rounds of meetings with three working groups and an advisory committee. These groups were comprised primarily of industry, with some participation from UBCM and First Nations. The advisory committee considered the topics and suggestions brought forth by our three working groups at the strategic level. The information gathered throughout these meetings will be used to inform our second intentions paper, which will be released in early 2014. Our second intentions paper will be a culmination of the past year’s working groups and advisory committee’s discussions, feedback from both the first intentions paper as well as the symposium in March of 2013. Before the release of our second intentions paper in early 2014, we are currently in the process of reengaging ENGOs and First Nations to gather further input. If your organization would like to be part of this process at this stage, please contact Further opportunity exists for feedback upon the release of the second intentions paper in the form of formal comment on the regulations and policy directions we outline.

The Province of British Columbia (BC) is committed to a world leading preparedness and response regime for land based spills, as expressed in BC’s five conditions necessary for support of heavy oil projects. In keeping with the established polluter-pay principle, and recognizing the increase in development activities across the province, the Ministry of Environment is reviewing industry funded options for strengthening BC’s spill preparedness and response policies and capacity.

    This review addresses three aspects of land based spill preparedness and response:

  • World leading regime for land based spill preparedness and response
  • Effective and efficient rules for restoration of the environment following a spill
  • Effective government oversight and coordination of industry spill response

The public consultation period on the first Intentions Paper closed on Feb. 15, 2013. Comments received during the consultation have been reviewed and an Intentions Paper feedback summary is available.

Symposium for Land Based Spill Preparedness and Response in BC

The ministry hosted a symposium in March of 2013 to discuss world class spill preparedness and response. For information on BC’s symposium on land based spill preparedness and response, go to 2013 BC Land Based Spill Preparedness and Response Symposium.