Ministry of Environment

Industrial Waste

The ministry regulates the discharges of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes to the environment from industrial sources.

We do this through:

  • developing policies and regulations using the best available science;
  • conducting stakeholder consultations;
  • administering the authorizations associated with discharges to the environment;
  • conducting compliance activities.

These environmental standards meet the ministry's goal to lead the world in sustainable environmental management, with the best air and water quality and the best fisheries management, bar none.

The links on the left provide information on regulations, guidelines and scientific reports for a variety of industry sectors.

For information on the process of developing regulations, see the Environmental Management Act, Waste Discharge Regulation and EMA Codes of Practice Development and Regulatory Review websites.

For information on obtaining an authorization to discharge waste to the environment, see Waste Discharge Authorizations.