Ministry of Environment

Integrated Pest Management

Cosmetic Use of Pesticides in British Columbia

In December 2009, the Ministry of Environment conducted a web-based public consultation on the cosmetic use of pesticides. The consultation generated more than 8,000 responses and a wide range of opinions and ideas.

In October, 2011, a Special Committee of the legislature was struck to consider what potential legislation would look like for a ban on the unnecessary use of pesticides.

Special Committee on Cosmetic PesticidesIn March, 2013, an amendment to the Integrated Pest Management Act enables the Minister of Environment to develop regulations establishing lists of pesticides that may be regulated differently than other pesticides.

In October 2013, the Ministry of Environment proposed changes to the Integrated Pest Management Regulation. A summary of comments is now available for viewing. The public consultation period on the first Intentions Paper closed on December 8, 2013. Comments received during the consultation are currently being reviewed and an Intentions Paper Summary is available.