Ministry of Environment

Municipal Solid Waste

Under Environmental Management Act (EMA) Municipal Solid Waste is defined as:

(a) refuse that originates from residential, commercial, institutional, demolition, land clearing or construction sources, or
(b) refuse specified by a director to be included in a waste management plan.


The Business Case for Zero Waste in British Columbia

The Ministry of Environment recently commissioned a report on the business case for Zero Waste in British Columbia. The report makes a comparative evaluation of three municipal solid waste diversion scenarios (43%, 62%, and 81%) for waste generated in British Columbia, projecting economic costs and benefits and employment impacts by 2025.

Innes Hood Consulting Inc. completed the Zero Waste Business Case in the spring of 2013. The report is currently undergoing an expert review to refine the business case and ensure that it is based on valid assumptions, makes optimal use of available data and arrives at a reasonable projection of the costs and benefits of Zero Waste in British Columbia.

>> View the Zero Waste Business Case DRAFT