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Municipal Solid Waste


The Landfill Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste document addresses the siting, design, operation and closure of three classifications of landfills:

  • sanitary landfills;
  • modified sanitary landfills; and
  • selected waste landfills.

The Ministry of Environment has developed a Draft Interim Second Edition of the Landfill Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste and will review comments to incorporate as appropriate into a final second edition. Once finalized, the second edition will apply to all municipal solid waste landfills in British Columbia.

Landfill Gas Management Regulation

The Landfill Gas Management Regulation establishes province-wide criteria for landfill gas capture from municipal solid waste landfills. The regulation focuses on greenhouse gas emission reductions from landfills with the objective of maximizing reductions of landfill gas emissions and identifying potential opportunities to increase landfill gas recovery.
The regulation phases in new requirements for landfill gas capture that take into account economic and technical feasibility requirements and associated implications for landfill owners. 

The procedure and report format for the landfill gas generation assessment from municipal solid waste landfills in BC are provided in the Landfill Gas Generation Assessment Procedure Guidance documents. The guidance documents consist of the text document Landfill Gas Generation Assessment Procedure Guidance Report (PDF/320 KB) and Landfill Gas Generation Estimation Tool. This tool accompanies the guidance document and provides a template for data output, automatically performs required calculations, and provides a data output summary.

Environmental Monitoring at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

The guidelines below are intended to assist landfill owners and operators in the design and implementation of an environmental monitoring program as required by section 7.15 of the Landfill Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste. Effective monitoring programs will enable landfill operators to show that they meet the performance criteria outlined in the Landfill Criteria.

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Last Modified on September 10, 2010