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Air Quality

This website lists regional ambient air quality reports, environmental impact assessment reports and air quality data. Click here for more information on air quality in British Columbia.

Brackendale Dichot Sampler
Brackendale Dichot Sampler

The Lower Mainland Region of the Ministry of Environment (MoE) is located in the south-western corner of the province (click here for map) and includes the Fraser Canyon, Lower Fraser Valley, Sea-to-Sky and Sunshine Coast airsheds. Excluding the boundaries of Metro Vancouver and, to a lesser extent, the boundaries of the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD), ambient air quality monitoring, airshed planning, air discharge permitting, and other air quality related issues in the Lower Mainland Region fall under the jurisdiction of MoE. Metro Vancouver has delegated authority for air quality issues within their boundaries (see Section 31 of the Environmental Management Act). The FVRD monitors air quality and has initiated air quality management planning within its boundaries, but it does not have delegated authority for air quality and MoE is the permitting and enforcement authority within the FVRD.

Regional air quality operations are based in Surrey, BC with staff carrying out a variety of tasks related to air quality monitoring and assessment, air discharge permitting, air quality planning and permit compliance. Regional staff operate ambient air quality and meteorological monitors in Squamish, Brackendale, Whistler and Sechelt, and review ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring data collected by air discharge permit holders in Woodfibre, Port Mellon and Powell River, BC.

Regional staff also review environmental impact assessments for proposed air emissions, make recommendations to permit staff regarding air discharge permits, prepare environmental impact assessments for compliance and enforcement staff, prepare regional ambient air quality reports, participate in various stakeholder committees and project review committees (e.g. Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee for US Energy Projects) and answer questions from the public regarding regional air quality.

Updated: August 2004