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Waste Management Permits


The Environmental Protection Program issues Waste Management Permits under the authority of the Environmental Management Act. The permits authorize the discharge of wastes to the environment and set limits on the quantity and quality of the discharge. They also set requirements for monitoring the effect of the discharge on the environment, and any other terms and conditions which may be necessary to prevent pollution. The terms and conditions set out in the permits are legal requirements.

These permits are current up to 1998. For more up-to-date permits, contact the Skeena regional office.

At present, permits are not presented in HTML format and therefore cannot be viewed with your browser, They are in WordPerfect 5.1 format, signified by the .wp extension or Microsoft Word 6.0 format, signified by the .doc extension. These files are compressed into .ZIP format and may be downloaded and viewed using either word processor or other program which will read WordPerfect or MS Word files.

Many permit documents from the regional office are available. However, some files do not yet exist in electronic format and are only available as paper copies. Similarly, site plans referenced in the permit documents are not yet available electronically, therefore, will not be attached to the downloaded copy of the permit.

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Every reasonable effort has been made to present a current and correct version of each permit. However, these online documents are only representations of the legal permits. A legally binding (signed) copy of each permit is held at the regional office and by the permit holder. The copy at the regional office is available for public inspection.

The province disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of information provided. Information provided should not be used as a basis for making financial or any other commitments.

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Waste Management Permits

Air Permits: Authorize the discharge of materials to the atmosphere.

Effluent Permits: Authorize the discharge of municipal sewage and industrial liquid wastes.

Hazardous Waste Permits: Authorize the storage or treatment and destruction of hazardous materials.

Refuse Permits: Authorize the discharge of municipal garbage and industrial solid wastes.