Vancouver Island Region EPD

Environmental Protection Notice - Notice of Permit 105809 for South Island Aggregates/Cobble Hill Holdings Ltd. at 640 Stebbings Road.

  • The Ministry of Environment has issued a permit for South Island Aggregates/Cobble Hill Holdings Ltd. to establish a soil remediation facility in the Shawnigan Lake Watershed.
  • We received approximately 300 submissions from the local government, First Nations, health officials and members of the general community in response to the draft permit issued in March.
  • In response to these submissions, the permit was amended to include a number of additional measures addressing health and environmental concerns.
  • Technical staff in the Nanaimo office reviewed and responded to these submissions and a final decision was based on the technical merits of the proposal.
  • The statutory decision-maker looked at the proposed project, including associated environmental concerns, and concluded that the proposal adheres to legislation and appropriately manages environmental concerns and human health concerns.
  • An appeal process administered by the Environmental Appeal Board is available to those who object to the decision.