Ministry of Environment

Residential Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Please consult the following resources which provide government requirements and information on the remediation of residential heating oil storage tanks.  Please note that the ministry neither provides funding to assist property owners with tank removals nor does it maintain a database of tanks that have been installed or removed.

Fact Sheets

Residential Heating Oil Storage Tanks (PDF/124 KB)


Information on Independent Remediation

Many underground storage tanks are remediated without direct involvement of the ministry.  Consult our key topic on independent remediation to learn about our requirements.

Information on Contaminant Migration of Substances

Petroleum hydrocarbons and other substances can easily leak from underground storage tanks and migrate to other properties.  Please review our key topic on contaminant migration for detailed requirements.

Information on Remediation Liability

The Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation lay out various principles of liability, or responsibility, for the cost of cleaning up contaminated sites in B.C.   Please review our key topic on remediation liability for detailed information.


External Guidance

Legal Requirements


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