Climate Related Monitoring Program (CRMP)

The Ministry of Environment, along with the Ministries of Transportation and Infrastructure, Natural Resource Operations, Forests and Agriculture are working together with BC Hydro and Rio Tinto Alcan under a formal agreement to make long-term meteorological data available for professional users involved in climate change analysis and adaptation through the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC).

On this site you will find links to information about data from each of the meteorological networks maintained by the provincial agencies participating in the Climate Related Monitoring Program (CRMP).

Data from Environment Canada is available through these links

Meteorological Networks Data Key

Also, please use this link for a Google Earth map (KML File) map showing the locations of weather stations and meta data about the stations maintained by these agencies or their affiliates.

Provincial Meteorological Networks Data Key

The following information is provided for each data point located on the map (where available):

  • Latitude/Longitude - decimal degrees
  • Ministry/Agency - Responsible agency for a particular station. Agencies participating include:
    • BC Hydro
    • EC – Environment Canada
    • ENV - Ministry of Environment, Automated Snow Pillows and Air Quality Networks
    • MAL – Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with AAFC (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), GS (Growers Supply Co. Ltd.), FBC (Fraser Basin Council), MAL (Ministry supported)
    • Metro Vancouver
    • MoFR – Ministry of Forests (moving to Ministry of Natural Resource Operations)
    • MoFR-Research – Ministry of Forests Research stations
    • MoTI - Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
    • Rio Tinto Alcan
  • Identifier - Agency Station code
  • Name - Station name
  • Description - Details about the site location
  • Commissioned - Date that the station was operational
  • Contact Name and Phone - Contact for the responsible agency
  • Data URL - Online access portal if available
  • Parameters Measured
    • Air Temp - T
    • Atmospheric Pressure - BP
    • Humidity - H
    • Precipitation - P
    • Precipitation Detector - PD
    • Snow Depth - S
    • Snow Water Equivalent (Snow Pillow) - Sn
    • Wind Speed and Direction - WSD
    • Other Parameters are also measured at the sites based on local requirements. Please consult with the Ministry Contact for further information.