Water and Air Monitoring and Reporting

Sampling, Methods and Quality Assurance

British Columbia Field Sampling Manual: 2003 — For Continuous Monitoring and the Collection of Air, Air-Emission, Water, Wastewater, Soil, Sediment and Biological Samples

Last Updated: March 2004

The 2003 edition of the British Columbia Field Sampling Manual sets out the sampling procedures, protocols and equipment that permittees are normally expected to use when doing monitoring required by the Ministry of Environment.

The Field Sampling Manual is available in PDF. It can be viewed in its entirety or, because of the large size of the file, in eight smaller sections for ease of access:

British Columbia Field Sampling Manual
(complete) (PDF/1.90 MB / 401 pages)

Part A: Quality Control and Quality Assurance (PDF/272 KB / 36 pages)

Part B: Air and Air Emissions Testing (PDF/423 KB / 72 pages)

Part C: Biological Testing (PDF/543 KB / 71 pages)

Part D: Soil and Sediment Sampling (PDF/346 KB / 33 pages)

Part E: Water and Wastewater Sampling:

Glossary and Index
(PDF/255 KB / 34 pages)

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