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British Columbia Environmental Laboratory Manual: 2009

This page was last modified: October 5, 2011

In cooperation with the B.C. Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee, the Ministry of Environment has produced the 2009 edition of the British Columbia Environmental Laboratory Manual. New or updated methods included in the 2009 edition are listed below.

The manual is available in PDF. Because of the manual's large size, it is broken into nine sections for ease of access:

Title Section Includes links to sections A through H. (PDF/38 KB)

Section A: Laboratory Quality Assurance / Quality Control (PDF/356 KB)

Section B: Physical, Inorganic and Miscellaneous Constituents (PDF/636 KB)

Section C: Metals (PDF/562 KB)

Section D: Organic Constituents and Compounds (PDF/1.35 MB)

Section E: Microbiological Examination (PDF/354 KB)

Section F: Toxicity Test Methods (PDF/174 KB)

Section G: Air Constituents — Inorganic (PDF/243)

Section H: Air and Vapour Constituents — Organic (PDF/730 KB)

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New or Updated Methods included in the 2009 Edition:

Section A
Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Section B
Fluoride in Soils by 5:1 Aqueous Extraction

Section C
Strong Acid Leachable Metals (SALM) in Soil - Prescriptive
Soluble Barium by Calcium Chloride Extraction - Prescriptive
Chromium Hexavalent in Water - PBM

Section D
Calculation of Volatile Petroleum
Hydrocarbons in Solids, Water or Air (Vapour) - VPH
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in Water by Purge and Trap GC/MS - PBM
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Solids by GC/MS - PBM
Semi-Volatile Organic Screening Method by GC/MS for TCLP Leachates - PBM
Determination of Diquat and Paraquat in Water - PBM

Section H
Volatile Organic Compounds in Air-Vapour by Canister Sampling, GC/MS - PBM
Volatile Organic Compounds and Other Volatile Substances in Air-Vapour by Charcoal Tubes and Miscellaneous Collection Media - PBM
Volatile Organic Compounds in Air-Vapour by Thermal Desorption Tube by GC/MS - PBM

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