BCSIS - Soil_Sites.gdb

The British Columbia Soil Information System (BCSIS) dataset contains soil pit information (including site, location, soil horizon information and lab analyses). This dataset is now available in file geodatabase format and .csv format (As this version includes corrections to some erroneous spatial locations and attributes, this dataset replaces the older MSAccess version).

Historical information regarding the BCSIS dataset is available below.

Maija Finvers, MoE, 2014-12-22

Project Summary

The British Columbia Soil Information System (BCSIS) was the computer based inventory system incorporating site, soil, and laboratory analysis results from British Columbia's soil inventory efforts in the 1980s. The system was archived by 1990 and until recently, the data has been difficult to obtain and make use of.

With funding provided by the National Land and Water Information Service (NLWIS), File # 1580-2-7-18, it has been possible to obtain the original data and convert it to current database formats. In addition, the objectives of the British Columbia Soil Information System (BCSIS) Data Access Project were to:


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For more information about BCSIS email: soilterrain@victoria1.gov.bc.ca

October 2005


A GIS version of this data (in ArcMap file geodatabase format) is also available in the Geodatabase folder.   


This BCSIS point feature class is derived from the WHS_SOIL_SITE table in the LRDW using the UTM coordinates then reprojected into BC Albers NAD 83. It is a raw plot of the original data. WARNING this dataset has not gone through any QA process. Some records are clearly in error. Data points were collected and recorded using a variety of ‘old school’ methods. Spatial accuracy is questionable.

Contact soilterrain@victoria1.gov.bc.ca if you have any questions.

July 2010