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Regional Operations Branch

Welcome to the Regional Operations Branch, one of four branches in the Environmental Stewardship Division. The other branches are the Ecosystems Branch, the Fish and Wildlife Branch, and Oceans and Marine Fisheries Branch.

Skwaha Lake Ecological Reserve - Thompson Region

Mount Edziza Park - Spectrum Range - Skeena Region

Stone sheep

Moose Valley Park - Cariboo Region

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The Regional Operations Branch is comprised of nine regions (Click here to view a regional map), with regional offices located in Nanaimo, Surrey, Penticton, Kamloops, Cranbrook, Williams Lake, Smithers, Prince George and Fort St. John; headquarters are located in Victoria.

Regional Operations Branch staff work closely with employees from the ministry's other divisions: Parks and Protected Areas, Environmental Protection, Water Stewardship, and Strategic Policy Division.

Responsibilities of the Regional Operations Branch include:

  • Delivery of fish and wildlife recreation/conservation programs;

  • Delivery of terrestrial and aquatic habitat restoration, conservation monitoring and compliance programs;

  • Delivery of parks and protected areas conservation and recreation programs and enforcement;

  • Contribution to divisional policy development, undertaking of statutory and administrative decisions based on the Park Act, Ecological Reserve Act, Forest and Range Practices Act and the Wildlife Act.

  • Provision of technical support to provincial major project review processes, land and resource management plans.