Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

MoE Partnership with the Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA)

In 2005, the BC Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA) and the Environmental Stewardship Division (ESD) within the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection (now the Ministry of Environment), signed a Protocol regarding Shared Environmental Stewardship Principles. The initiative reflects the ESD’s commitment to develop partnerships with parties interested in sharing responsibility for caring for the environment. Part of the agreement involves raising the profile of stewardship activities carried out by WTA members. To accomplish this, the ESD worked with the WTA to document and promote twenty stories of exemplary environmental stewardship work practiced by wilderness tourism operators who are members of the WTA. To recognize the important role that nature-based tourism operators play in environmental stewardship, the ESD promotes public outreach initiatives related to tourism and environmental values. As more operators adopt stewardship practices, their actions contribute to the sustainability of both the environment and the wilderness tourism industry.

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