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Wildfire Response and Recovery

Fire: A Selected Bibliography

Patrick Diagle

Patrick Daigle is in the Terrestrial Ecosystems Science Section, Biodiversity Branch, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection. He has a 15-year interest in maintaining BC biodiversity by keeping fire (a natural ecosystem process) in fire-driven ecosystems.

His current work includes "science acquisition". He has been reaching out to BC universities to encourage study of BC biodiversity. In addition, he has regularly gathered biodiversity-related research to pass along to colleagues.

His background includes working with an array of landscape- and stand-scale topics under the umbrella of "ecosystem management". Before joining Biodiversity Branch, he was a research extension specialist with the Forest Science Program in the Ministry of Forests. Previously he completed research projects (focused on partial cutting) for the Ministry of Forests and pre-harvest silvicultural prescriptions for the US Forest Service.

Presentation Summary: Over the past 30 months I have been compiling and sharing citations (some with hotlinks) related to BC biodiversity. Fire, an ecosystem process, plays an important role in biodiversity. Thus, I've been compiling (and e-mailing) many citations focused on fire in ecosystems. Themes in the fire research and management literature include: fire suppression, restoration, fire effects, post-fire options, social-economic research, and management applications. Citation sources include journals, natural resource agencies, and websites. The cited research findings and applications may help scientists, decision-makers, field practitioners, and students.

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