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Wildfire Response and Recovery

Effects of Fire on Streams

Brian Heise

Brian Heise is an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences at the University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops (which becomes Thompson Rivers University in April 2005), where he teaches limnology and fisheries. The focus of his research program is the effects of various land use practices on stream food webs.

Tim Giles

Tim Giles is the Research Geomorphologist in the Southern Interior Forest Region based in Kamloops. Tim's research interests include studies on the response of streamflow, water quality, and stream channels to wildfire; stream channel forms and processes in a wide range of biogeoclimatic environments; the effects of forest development on water quality, sediment production and transfer processes in small drainage basins in the Upper Penticton Creek Experimental Watershed; and the relationship between watersheds, fires and alluvial fans.

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