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Wildfire Response and Recovery

Ungulate Winter Range

Glen Dick

Glen Dick is a Registered Professional Forester and Executive Director of the Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society and represents all the forest industry in the Okanagan Timber Supply Area in the Innovative Forest Practices Agreements program.

He has been in the forest industry operations for 26 years in Alberta and British Columbia. In 1993, he joined Riverside Forest Products as Operations Forester in both the Lumby and Kelowna Divisions where he managed the Woodlands Divisions and the Forest Renewal BC program.

Glen has a Bachelor of Forest Science from the University of Alberta (1978). He completed a Business Diploma from UBC in 1991 and a Diploma in Forest Engineering from UBC in 2000.

Dave Caswell

Dave is a biologist with Cascadia Natural Resource Consultants.

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