Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

Wildfire Response and Recovery

Ministry of Environment Wildfire Management

Fire Response Group

  • The Ministry of Environment Fire Response Group (FRG) was established to coordinate Ministry wildfire response by providing information, guidelines and standards for wildfire management and research.
  • Click here for more information.

Provincial Park Wildfire Management

  • Click here to view questions and answers and other information regarding the management of wildfires in provincial parks.

Wildlife Impacts

  • Click here for questions and answers regarding the impact of the wildfires on wildlife.

General Environmental Impacts

  • Click here for questions and answers regarding some of the general environmental impacts of the wildfires.

Glossary of Fire Terms

  • Click here to view a glossary of fire management terms in pdf format (234kb).

Research Information

  • Click here to view research information such as Extension, Funding Opportunities, Projects, Citations and links to the fire research community.

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