Wildlife Species Inventory (WSI)


Description. Wildlife Species Inventory projects include any surveys undertaken to determine the presence or abundance of any wildlife species, including repeated inventories for monitoring purposes. For information on FIA eligibility see: http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/hcp/fia/landbase/index.htm. For Resource Inventory Activity Area Expectations see: http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/hcp/fia/landbase/activities/resource_inventories.htm

Delivery & Access. All data and reports from Wildlife Species Inventories using any methods, including both innovative and standard, must be submitted to the WSI program. To submit data and reports use the WSI submissions page. To access previously submitted data and reports use the Species Inventory Web Explorer.

Process. Recipients of FIA funding are required under their agreement with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to adhere to RISC standards, LBIP Standards, or an approved variance from the standards. A request for variance must be submitted to PwC who will then forward that request to the data custodian for review. Any innovative approaches must be follow the Criteria for Conducting Innovative Projects described here (PDF 35KB).

Standards & Documents. The links below provides on-line access to the standards and other related documents including strategies, best practices, guidelines, and reports.


Mandatory Standards

  Wildlife Species Inventory Fundamentals
  Errata 3 to Species Inventory Fundamentals: October 2008 (Includes directions for data and report capture and delivery) (PDF 60.4KB)
"" Quality Assurance Standards for Wildlife Inventory Projects (PDF 506KB ; Word DOC 322KB)
  Species and Ecosystems at Risk LBIP Standard (applicable to various activities) (PDF 80.1KB)
  Land Based Investment Program Forest Investment Account Data Management Standard - Data Exchange/Submission of Resource Inventories (PDF 45.3KB)

Project Specific Standards

  Wildlife Species Inventory Manuals (Components of BC Biodiversity Series)
  CCAC guidelines on the care and use of wildlife, 2003
  Williamson's Sapsucker Inventory, Stand-level Habitat Assessment and Nest Productivity Assessment Standards (PDF 155KB) All location data must be submitted using one of the standard data capture templates available here.  For call-playback surveys we suggest using the General Survey template for sample stations.
  Vegetation Measures at Williamson's Sapsucker Nests and Territories LBIP Standards
(PDF 578KB)

Other Related Information

  Forest and Range Evaluation Program (FREP)

Please note: Due to government reorganization, Ministry or other agency names, contacts, and website URL's, located within documents listed above, under “ … Standards" or “ Other Related Information”, may have changed since document publication. If current contacts, URL's, or other information is required, please contact spi_mail@Victoria1.gov.bc.ca.

Last Modified: August 10, 2010