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Field Data Information System (FDIS)


FDIS is an MS Access data capture and reporting tool for fish and fish habitat data collected to Resource Information Standards Committee (RISC) standards: FDIS data files from completed projects are delivered to the Ministry of Environment and loaded into the provincial dataset. The data is then made available through ministry web applications for a variety of uses including land use planning, fisheries management and public interest.

The FDIS system is comprised of three modules: the program module, fdissrc; the data tables, fdisdat; and the reporting module, fdisrep. These modules are compatible with MS Access 2003. The data entry format is a set of forms closely resembling the site, lake and fish cards used in the field plus additional forms for planning information. Extensive QA has been built into FDIS to reduce transcription errors and ensure that the data is to standard.

The reporting component produces both summary and detailed forms that can be used in standard reports plus export files of the data. One export file, Map Symbol File, is a summary of the reach, site and habitat features data in a digital point coverage format suitable for viewing in GIS.

Notes on how to get FDIS downloaded and running may be found under Getting Started ( ("Lynn's User Notes"). The notes also describe the different functions of the three MS Access files that may be downloaded. (,, and