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Fisheries Inventory Data Queries (FIDQ)

FIDQ provides easy access to BC lake, stream and fish data, as well as fish stocking data and downloadable bathymetric maps through a set of topic-based queries that extract information from the provincial BC Geographic Data Warehouse (BCGW). The BCGW stores fisheries inventory data collected from the early 1900s to present. Each FIDQ query searches and combines all of Fisheries Inventory's corporate databases that are appropriate to the query.

FIDQ data queries range from detailed information, as in individual fish measurements, to waterbody summary reports, as in fish species present.

Some of the FIDQ queries are able to return very large amounts of data - the results of these queries will be emailed to you. An example of this type of query is the Muiltiple Waterbodies query. The results of even very large data sets will normally be emailed to you within a minute of submitting the query. Please check your junkmail folder if you do not see the results within a few minutes of submittting the query.

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