Ministry of Environment

Bathymetric Maps Query Help

The Bathymetric Maps Query allows users to view, download or print PDF images of bathymetric maps that have been made for surveyed lakes.

First enter a lake name, its Watershed Code number or its Waterbody Identifier. The example here uses "Elk Lake" as search criteria. Once the name is entered Click the "Search" button.

bathymetric map query image 1

In this case, the application returns the link for one bathymetric map for Elk Lake, watershed code 160-274600-11400-73400-3490 which is in the Quesnel River Watershed Group (as indicated by the "QUES" portion in the Waterbody Identifier column) and two bathymetric maps for Elk Lake, watershed code 920-07900 in the Victoria watershed group (as indicated by the "VICT" portion in the Waterbody Identifier column). Two maps are listed for the Elk Lake in Victoria because one was produced for the survey date of May 1955 and second was produced for a Novemeber, 1980 survey.

Mouse over the row of the map you would like to view or download. That row will then highlighted itself in blue, next Click anywhere in the highlighted row to obtain the bathymetric map.

Most queries will only return one map as most surveyed lakes have been surveyed only once.

Mutliple listings will occur when:
  • Two or more lakes have the same name (Gazetted or Alias names).
  • More than one bathymetric survey has occurred on a lake.
  • The lake is large and was divided into two or more sections to make two or more maps, each showing only a portion of the lake.