Ministry of Environment

Fisheries Inventory Data Queries Tool (FIDQ)

Use the queries below to access each type of waterbody, fish and fish habitat information described below.

Watershed Code and Waterbody Locator Ouery Detailed User Instructions
This query returns waterbody locator information including the waterbody's name (when one exists), watershed code, waterbody identifier, UTM position, mapsheet number, region and physical attributes. Results are based on the 1:50,000 Watershed Dictionary.

Single Waterbody Query Updated. Detailed User Instructions
The Single Waterbody Query is the query that should be used to obtain all available information for an individual waterbody.

Multiple Waterbodies Query Updated. Detailed User Instructions
The Multiple Waterbodies Query is designed to get theme information on fish presence, individual fish data, physical site survey data, obstacle data, and stocking data for more than one waterbody. The intent of this query is to acquire data at a watershed scale, by forest district or by TRIM mapsheet. 
Due to the nature and size of these queries the results will be emailed to you so your email address is required. Use the PREVIEW button to see the data prior to emailing. Even very large data query returns are usually delivered within a minute of submission. Please check your junkmail folder if you do not see the results within a few minutes of submitting your query.

Bathymetric Maps Query Detailed User Instructions
The Bathymetric Maps Query allows you to search for surveyed lakes having available bathymetric (depth) maps. Over 2600 bathymetric maps are available in PDF format. Note that only surveyed lakes have bathymetric maps available.

Fish Stocking Query New. Use this query to obtain only the fish stocking records for any stocked waterbody.

Fish Species Codes Query
The Fish Species Codes Query returns a list of fish species by common name or scientific name. The list is sorted by species type and includes, species, sub-species, and extinct, general and hybrid classifications. The default query is set to list all species.

Fish Inventory Projects Query
The Fish Inventory Projects Query produces lists of recent projects and the number of stream surveys, lake surveys, site surveys, and fish collections associated with each project.