Ministry of Environment

Single Waterbody Query Help

The Single Waterbody Query allows users to generate a full or partial data report of all inventory information regarding individual fish, physical site survey, water chemistry and stocking for a given waterbody.

In this example "Nicola" is the search criteria. Users can specify lake or stream but if you just type in a name alone, all waterbodies with that Gazetted Name or Known alias name both lakes and streams will be returned. Once a Name, Waterbody Identifier or Watershed code has been entered, Click the yellow Search button (Red 1 in image below).

Single Waterbody 1

*Note: Each query page has a query help button specific to the query on that page (Red 2 in image above). Clicking on the single waterbody query help button brings up this information box:

single waterbody image 2

After activating the Search button for "Nicola" the following results are returned:

Single Waterbody image3

In this case, Nicola returned four waterbodies that match the query criteria. Note that Alias names are not official names. In this example two unofficial sources have called two different streams the same alias name. Both eventually run into the Nicola River but 120-246600-85500-75892 is a tributary to 120-246600-85500.
USER TIP: A name like Bear would returns a large number of waterbody records including any that start with Bear. e.g. Beatrap Lake, Bearhole Creek and any waterbodies alias names the start with Bear.

Click on the waterbody you wish to view: e.g.: the one highlighted in yellow to obtain the following pick list.

pick box image

The default selection is all categories which produces a full report. Scroll down as not all categories are shown. If you are only interested in getting one or two of the available choices, uncheck the categories you do not want. Next Click the OK button.

View the tabled information using the page throught features for each table, preview sections in Excel or Export the entire file using the export button at the top of the page.