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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will FISS be finished?

A: FISS will be continually updated as new reports and surveys are received. The long-term goal is to automate the process so that detailed 1:20,000 Reconnaissance Level Reports will be submitted digitally and have summary routines run that will extract the points and information and add it to the FISS database. Historical reports will continue to be compiled manually as they are collected and received.

Q: What do I do if the FISS report server or Web tools are not working?

A: We don’t always know when the FISS server is not working. If you try to use any portion of FISS and it is not working, please e-mail: phone: (250) 356-9938 or fax: (250) 356-1202 and we will try to get it functional again.

Q: How do I get a copy of a specific reference that has been cited in FISS?

A: At this time, we are not really set up to provide reports from our office. If you require a copy of a report, we can arrange to have it taken to a print service and have a copy made. The purchaser is required to provide contact information (name, phone number) to the person taking the order. We will then take the report to the print service who will contact you about the cost, approval, payment and shipping. You will be purchasing the copy from them. If there are full-sized maps, the use of two different print services may be required. This is necessary, as there are reports of up to 25 volumes with over 300 TRIM Maps.

Certain types of reports are unavailable because of their very nature. Records of personal knowledge, memos and summary references to external databases are examples of report types that we are unable to provide. In addition, many of the records in FISS were originally in the preceding SISS catalogues, which was not georeferenced. Many of these original references are no longer available.

Many newer 1:20,000 reconnaissance level reports will be available on our Web site in the future. These reports will be listed by Ministry of Environment Regions and will be listed in a report index. You will be able to download them in PDF format.