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Fisheries Information Summary System

The Fisheries Information Summary System (FISS) provides spatially represented summary level fish and fish habitat data for waterbodies throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. The information is in database format and can be displayed on the 1:50,000 Watershed Atlas.

FISS is a jointly funded project by BC Fisheries and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. FISS is made up of data and map components. Fish and fish habitat themes included are fish distribution, enhancement and management activities and objectives, gradient and macro-reaches, land use, water use, water quality activities, obstructions, resource use, flow, fisheries potential and constraints, escapement, value and sensitivity, life history and timing, and harvest and use. Click here for further information on the Fisheries Information Summary System.

Documents: View or download the FISS Data Compilation and Mapping Procedures Manual or blank FISS Stream or Lake Data Entry Forms.

Database Queries: List FISS species presence, all FISS references used for data compilation, or produce a report of all FISS data for a particular waterbody.

Maps: View or download a sample of FISS thematic Known Fish Distribution and Macro-reach Stream Gradient Maps or get information on ordering copies of original working copies of FISS maps.

Status Update: Current statistics on the number of waterbodies and the number of records contained in the FISS Database are displayed in both graphical and table format.

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