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Fisheries InventoryFisheries Inventory


Resource Inventory Committee (RIC) standards and background documents related to fish and fish habitat inventory are available in the Aquatic Task Force listings on the RIC Web page.

Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory standards are available at RISC Standards Aquatic Ecosystems.

Background documents are available at RISC Standards Background Documents Aquatic Ecosystems.

A complete list of RISC publications can be found on the RISC Web page. RISC publications can be downloaded directly from the RISC site or obtained from:

Government Publications Centre
Phone: (250) 387-3309 or
Toll free: 1-800-663-6105
Fax: (250)387-0388

Other links of interest include Forest Practices Code Guidebooks including:

Forest Practices Code Guidebooks: Channel Assessment Field Guide and Fish-stream Identification Guidebook.