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FAQ - Reporting


Q: What is the photo in the Stream Reach Summary report?

A: The photo most representative of the sample site is best, but a view of the site looking downstream is preferred.

Q: Will Kodak Photo CDs be required?

A: Yes. Alternatively consultants with access to a high-quality slide/negative scanners and a CD burner can make arrangements with MSRM/MWLAP to provide images in a non-Kodak format. However, prior arrangements with the contract monitor for scanning and format standards will be required. Appendix 6 of the Reconnaissance (1:20,000) Fish and Fish Habitat Standards and Procedures and the March 2000 errata have further information scanning.


Q: How many hardcopy reports will be required?

A: This is a regionally specific contract issue and depends on the regional planning configuration and needs.

Q: How many copies of the hard/digital copies are required?

A: This is a regionally specific requirement and therefore the regional fisheries inventory specialist must be consulted.

Q: The Reconnaissance Inventory Standards and Procedures manual indicates that linking the reports to maps and photographs is under development. Has this been completed? Is there anything we need to know about this now to prevent making changes in the future?

A: Digital report templates for individual lake reports and watershed reports are currently under development (March 2000). Templates are being designed so that reports can be easily converted to .PDF format. Documents are ultimately needed in .PDF format to facilitate distribution and access over the Internet.

Q: At the time of final inventory report delivery we have site cards, with some sites having WSCs and others only having ILPs (ie: replacement codes will not be ready prior to project completion). Is it mandatory that ILPs be placed in the appropriate WSC order, or can we order the site information by WSCs (in ascending reaches) followed by ILPs (in ascending reaches)?

A: They should be ordered in the appropriate positions according to the WSCs.