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FDISMap Automated mapping program

The FDISMap semi-automated mapping program is used to assist in the creation of standard maps required as deliverables for Reconnaissance (1:20,000) Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory. It is intended for use by contractors involved in delivering fisheries inventory projects. Detailed instructions are provided in the User Documentation. Contractors must contact and receive authorization from the Regional Inventory Specialist prior to using the FDISMap program to ensure contractual obligations are met.

Two versions of the FDISMap are provided, corresponding to the original (1998) inventory standards, and to updates incorporated in 1999. The major differences are:

1)Version 2.1 (1999) uses a single table, the Map Attribute Table, instead of separate point and attribute tables as described in the Errata (May 1999).

2)Version 2.1 (1999) includes an MSAccess routine to create the Map Attributes table directly from FDIS.

Version 2.0 is compatible with 1998/1999 inventory standards.To view the user document, click here: FDISMap (version 2.0). This document is provided in Word for windows format. To download the User document and zipped program files, click here: FDISMap (version 2.0)

Version 2.1 is compatible with 1999/2000 inventory standards.To view the User document, click here FDISMap (version 2.1 document). This document is provided in Word for Windows format. To download the zipped program files, click here for the NT FDISMap (version 2.1 program files) or here for UNIX: FDISMap (version 2.1 program files)

FDIS Table 1 Export Application - (MS Access 97 format) and (Zipped Run-time format)


FDISMap (version 2.1 document)

287 KB

FDISMap (version 2.1 program files for NT).


FDISMap (version 2.1 program files for UNIX)


MS Access 97 format

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Zipped Run-time format


Samples of standard maps are available in PDF format for viewing with Adobe Acrobat: Overview (PDF 157KB), Project (PDF 1.05MB), and Interpretive (PDF 1.09MB) from the Reconnaissance (1:20,000) Fish & Fish Habitat Inventory Program.

Note: Pkunzip or Winzip must be used to unzip files.

It is strongly recommended that the appropriate user document be read carefully before the FDISMAP programs are used. The readme.txt file included with the zip file should also be thoroughly reviewed.

Comments and questions should be directed to the contractor - Pacific Spatial Systems - contacts are provided in the documentation.