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Database Entry Tools

EcoCat is a two tiered system that is browser based, built with JAVA and stores data to an Oracle database. The first tier allows staff and contractors to use the government's intranet to upload reports, datasets and maps into the catalogue and store the information in Oracle. The second tier produces a searchable browser based catalogue on the Internet site that the public may use to discover information and download their own copies of the reports, datasets and maps

FDIS (Field Data Information System)
FDIS is a data capture, storage and reporting system that is devoted to field information as it is collected on the standard provincial field cards. It is a two part system where the first part is an MS Access tool to allow contractors and staff to enter, verify and edit data. The second part is the Oracle based components where all the data is eventually loaded. The Oracle components provide for data storage, some data editing, summary of the data to other systems (FISS), integration and access to the data for other systems and data reporting. For instructions for using FDIS, link to FDIS Getting Started.

FPR (Fisheries Project Registry)
FPR is a joint effort between BC Fisheries and the federal Department of Fisheries ad Oceans to compile an ongoing list of all projects within the province that focus on fish and fish habitats including habitat restoration, biological enhancement, stock and habitat inventories and monitoring, stream mapping, and fish farming to name a few.