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Welcome to the Fish & Fish Habitat Survey Toolkits

Good survey information becomes increasingly valuable as time passes and conditions change. Standards have been developed to document the characteristics of BC's fish and fish habitat resources to provide a factual basis for fish and fish habitat assessment, planning, and management.

Survey Toolkits

There are six standard fish and fish habitat toolkits, one for each of the survey types listed to the right. Toolkits provide the suite of information capture tools that are required for completing specific surveys.

Four toolkits, available as pdf files, elaborate on information located in the Field Guides:

  1. Stream (PDF 860KB)
  2. Lake (PDF 1.13MB)
  3. Fish Sampling/Stock Assessment and
  4. Reconnaissance Survey Toolkits.

These provide links to Forms & Field Guides, Databases and related Manuals & Resources.

Two toolkits:

  1. Fish Stream ID (Fish Stream Identification and Guidebook) (PDF 454KB) and
  2. Overview Survey (Overview Fish and Fish Habitat Methodology) (PDF 157KB)


There are three types of tools: Forms & Field Guides, Databases, and Manuals & Resources.