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Fisheries InventoryFisheries Inventory

Survey Data Introduction

Fish and fish habitat data has been collected to several different standards (formats) over the past 80 or more years. A great deal of effort has gone into compiling available fish and fish habitat data; however, some reports may have been missed. If there is no data about a particular lake or stream in any of the various formats, that means that it has not been sampled or that we have not entered the data. It does not mean that there are no fish there. Please report data omissions and errors to Fish Data Issues.

Routes to finding and Submitting Fish and Fish Habitat Data and Information can be found through the Species and Ecosystem Information Portal as well as described below.

Tools and Products Information Sheet is a handy reference sheet that describes the various tools and products for accessing our Fish and Fish Habitat data and Information, and the contacts that can assist.

Data Access

Documents contains explanations of the data in the query results and should be read before trying to interpret the data.

Spatial Data Queries

Habitat Wizard is a map-based tool created for users to spatially access detailed fish, wildlife and ecosystem information.

Data Distribution Service can also be utilzed for those who want to directly access data for desktop GIS analysis.

Database Search Tools

FIDQ (Fisheries Information Data Queries) provides access to subsets of lake (including Bathymetric maps) and stream survey data collected to various standards. The queries can be used to obtain data about an individual lake or stream or about all the lakes or streams in a watershed. The query results can be saved to your computer and opened in a spreadsheet for viewing and analysis.


EcoCat Reports provides access to fish, fish habitat and water reports complete with the associated data and map files.

Data Submission

The Fish Data Submission website directs the process for fisheries managers, biologists, technicians and contractors to submit their fisheries data and sampling information to the Province. This includes data collected with a Scientific Fish Collection Permit