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Fisheries InventoryFisheries Inventory

Stocking Data Definitions

Watershed Code — A series of groups of digits separated by dashes that uniquely identifies watersheds (a stream and the surrounding land that drains into the stream) in British Columbia. Each group of digits represents an unique watershed and shows the hierarchy from the ocean to the identified watershed. A watershed has a single mainstem, so the watershed code uniquely identifies streams, as well as the watershed.

Waterbody Identifier — There can be one or more lakes and wetlands in a watershed as well as a stream. The lakes and wetlands have the same watershed code as the stream. The waterbody identifier is used to uniquely identify lakes and wetlands in British Columbia.

Gazetted Name — The legally registered name of the waterbody or island as obtained from Geographic Data B.C.

Region — Ministry of Environment administrative region.

Species Name — Common name of fish species stocked.

Release Date — The date the fish were released into the waterbody.

Fish Count — The number of fish released into the waterbody at one time.

Average Weight — The average weight in grams of fish released.

Life Cycle Stage — The stage of development of the fish at the time of release.