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Stellako Rainbow TroutFisheries Inventory

Technical Notes

This 96-page MicroSoft Word 6.0 document is intended for the technical analyst responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the GIS spatial data structures of the Atlas. It provides a summary of the key characteristics of the Atlas from a physical GIS database perspective, provides an overview of the spatial data architecture, detailed specifications of the arc, point and polygon features and the technology context for the Atlas dataset, including computer environment, support routines and utilities.

This 20-page MicroSoft Word 6.0 document is intended to assist the business user (specifically those working in the aquatic realm) in understanding the structure and components of the Atlas, how it can be utilized with and without the integration of other datasets, inappropriate uses and the history of development. Note that the application maps referenced in the document are only available by contacting us directly at

A Spatial Data Dictionary including arc features and attributes, polygon features and attributes is included in the document, as well as how these features are organized into component layers. Users requiring a more technical description should see the document entitled Physical Data Model of the British Columbia Watershed Atlas.

The Watershed/Waterbody identifier System was developed for the unique identification of all waterbodies in British Columbia. It was originally designed for use at a scale of 1:50,000 to be a part of the B.C. Watershed Atlas, but has been re-designed to allow for the identification of waterbodies represented on 1:20,000 mapping.

This document describes the methodology used to produce the 1:50,000 scale watershed codes.