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Q. Do I need a special viewer to view the Watershed Atlas files that I have downloaded from your site?

A. The files available on the ministry's FTP Web site are compressed (using PKZIP) Environmental Sciences Research Inc. (ESRI) ".e00" format. These files can be imported and viewed by using ESRI's import utility and any of ESRI viewing software such as ArcInfo, ArcView, or ArcExplorer (free software available from ESRI).

Q. The data I have collected using my GPS in UTM does not fall anywhere close to the map that I downloaded. Why not?

A. The downloaded watershed Atlas is in Albers Conic Equal-Area Projection. You will need to convert your data to Albers if you want to display it with the Watershed Atlas.

Q. Can I get a copy of the Watershed Atlas in UTM projection?

A. No, you will have to perform a conversion yourself.

Q. The contract I have calls for mapping at 1:20,000 scale. Will the TRIM Watershed Atlas be available any time soon?

A. We are attempting to have approximately 10 percent of the province completed by March 31, 2001. Contact us for dates if you need a specific area.