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Watershed Code Availability Maps (Spatial Access)

Note: These WSCA pdf files are based on the individual watershed groups from the previous version of the BC Watershed Atlas 50K and they do not reflect the changes made to some watershed codes in the current seamless version of the atlas.

Follow these steps to access the WSCA map sheets spatially:

  1. Click on the desired MOE Region below. This will display an index map of all the watershed groups within the region.
  2. Click on the desired watershed group. This will display a table of all the WSCA map sheet pdf files within the selected watershed group.
  3. Click on the desired WSCA map sheet pdf file to display the WSCA map sheet image with the 1:50,000 Watershed Codes.

Region 7 Region 6 Region 5 Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 8 Region 4

Click on the above shaded polygons to view a detailed illustration of the watershed group boundaries within the region.