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To provide access to the watershed codes from the British Columbia 1:50,000 digital Watershed Atlas. Digital map files of watershed features and associated watershed code and waterbody identifiers have been derived by tiling the B.C. Watershed Atlas into individual map sheets based on the BCGS 1:20,000 Grid. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format that allows for panning, and zooming capability without GIS software. The WSCA maps are intended for end users to determine the 45 digit watershed codes and waterbody identifiers for aquatic features. As the output is not exactly 1:20,000 care should be exercised when overlaying the PDF's. In version 2 the TRIM linework has been added as a background to help alleviate this problem. Some map tiles will not have the TRIM linework as a backdrop as they were not yet available. They will be added at a later date.

Please be aware that some of the 1:50,000 Watershed Codes on these static WSCA map sheets pdf files may no longer be correct due to recent updates to the current seamless version of the BC Watershed Atlas 50K.

WSCA Map Library

WSCA Maps – Find the 1:50,000 watershed codes by tabular selection
WSCA Maps – Find the 1:50,000 watershed codes by spatial selection