Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

Fish Data Submission – Online Submission Access Requirements

Internet Browser Requirements

  • Microsoft (MS) Internet Explorer (IE)11 is the recommended browser for access to the Online site.
  • Depending on your current IE browser settings you may need to modify the settings to successfully access SharePoint (Instructions at bottom of page).
  • As the submission site is based on a MS product (SharePoint); you may experience difficulties beyond our control if are using other browsers such as Firefox (Mozilla) or Safari (Apple) browsers. We are unable to provide you full support or assistance, with these browsers, if there are difficulties.

Account Access Requirements

  • Either a Provincial Government employee "IDIR" account or a non-government “BCeID” account is required for access. A "BCeID" account will be used by those without an IDIR account. 
  • If you do not currently have a BCeID, you can register for one through  
  • There are three BCeID account “types”.  It is recommended that you register for the more secure “Business BCeID”. While the simpler “Basic BCeID" is also accepted, the “Personal BCeID” type is inappropriate. 
  • When asked for an online service to register with, please select “Register without specifying an Online Service”.  
  • As part of your BCeID registration, you choose your own 'UserID' and 'Password'.
  • It is very important you retain your password and "password hints" as you will need them at some point to reset your password.
  • Note that BCeID passwords expire every two years. You can reset your password anytime at BCeID
  • Help File for BCeID access (604 KB)