Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

Fish Data Submission – Data Requirements:

Purpose for Minimum Data Standards

The purpose of setting the minimum data standards for submission of fish information is to simplify and standardize the information that Permit Holders are required to submit under the conditions of their Fish Collection Permit. The minimum data standards will make the submission process easier and faster for the Permit Holders.

Standardization has the added benefit of producing data that can be easily reviewed and used by provincial biologists and consequently made available to the public for use.

It is understood that there are many types of sampling projects that can be conducted for fisheries work. It is also understood that there are a variety of file types and formats that are used to gather and report on fisheries information. The specifications in these pages are meant to outline the minimum amount of information that would be common to the majority of fisheries information that is collected. As well, the information is provided in a general framework in order to allow for different types of files being submitted.

Please note that this is the minimum data standard for submission. If one wishes to submit more information (additional sampling or physical measurements), or a copy of the report, maps or database prepared for a project, we will gladly accept this information for inclusion in our report catalogue. However, submission of a report or map does not replace the requirement for this minimum data submission.

If you have questions about the minimum standards and formats, please send an email to