Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

Fish Data Submission – Online Submission

This online process allows you to submit fisheries field information for inclusion in provincial databases and catalogues.

Access Requirements
Internet Browser and Online Access requirements


Preparing your Files
  • If there is more than one file for the submission; it is easiest to submit your files in a ZIP folder.
  • When you are submitting multiple deliverable types, name the individual files in the format: MoE Permit number(s)_deliverable type (e.g. NASU06-21344_Data.xls; NASU06-21344_Map.pdf)
  • NEW! (May 2016): SELF QA Tool for your spreadsheet


Accessing the Online Submission Site (please read before entering site)

First Time Access:

  1. You will be prompted with the sign in box "Connect to"
  2. In the user name box: Typebceid\”, followed by your chosen ‘User name’, so that the format looks like: bceid\username. Important: Make sure you are using a “\” and not “/” between “bceid” and your ‘username’.
  3. In the password box: Enter your chosen password. Important: Do not be concerned when you receive an “Error Access Denied” screen. On that screen; you then need to click "Request access".
  4. Then select “Send Request” on the next screen that pops up.

Note: First Time Access is not immediate; your request will be granted manually (Monday to Friday during business hours) by one of our staff and you will be sent an email confirming your access, if you provided one to BCeID. This is usually shortly after your request or within a couple of hours. If you have not received access within a reasonable time or have further problems or questions, please contact us at



Returning Access:

  • You will be prompted with just the sign in box. Enter your 'user name' and 'password' as you did for First Time Access (see 2, 3 above).
  • Make sure you are using a “\” and not “/” between “bceid” and your ‘username’.
  • If you are unable to re-enter the site. It is very possible your password has expired. BCeID passwords expire every two years. You can reset your password anytime at BCeID

After reading the above information


Enter Online Site


At the online submission site you will be:


If you are still having difficulties after you have attempted to access the site, see these Help Documents: