Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Current List of Angling Guides in B.C.

Several changes have been made to the Angling and Scientific Collection Regulation that affect angling guides in British Columbia. They include:

  • Increase in fees for angler day quota over two years.
    (Detailed description of these fee changes and changes to angling guide procedures)
  • Introduction of instalment payments for angler day quota fees (45% no later than May 31st, 55% by September 30th).
  • Allocation of new angler day quota for a maximum of 20 years, renewable after half the term (does not affect quota already allocated).
  • Requirement for a hearing to cancel, suspend or vary angler day quota non-use or breach of Wildlife Act and/or regulations.
  • De-classification of tributaries to the Horsefly River (Region 5), except McKinley Creek downstream of McKinley Lake.
  • Reduction in available angler day quota for Horsefly River / McKinley Creek from 500 to 400 days.

Schedule A of the Angling and Scientific Collection Regulation lists all of the Classified Waters in B.C. by type and region.

List of Angling Guides

If you currently have an Angling Guide Licence and would like your business information to be added to the website, please download the Approval Form [PDF 55KB] and follow the directions.

How Do You Apply?

To apply for an Angling Guide Licence, you must submit an application form and a proposed Angling Guide Operating Plan(s) (AGOPs) to FrontCounter BC. An AGOP outlines your angling guiding business including the waters on which you propose to guide. Once approved, your AGOP(s) becomes an appendix to your Angling Guide Licence.

Individuals who are applying for an Angling Guide Licence for the first time must complete an exam which tests the individual's knowledge of relevant components of the Wildlife Act and regulations, the Angling & Scientific Collection Regulation and the Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis. For information about the exam, you may contact your local Government Agent office or the Fish & Wildlife Branch in Victoria at 250-387-9589.

Application Deadlines

New angling guides are required to submit their application and AGOP(s) by January 15th of the calendar year in which they intend to guide.

Returning angling guides without changes to their AGOP(s) are required to submit their applications by May 31st of the calendar year in which they intend to guide. Returning angling guides with changes to their AGOP(s) are required to submit their applications and revised AGOP(s) by January 15th.

Late applications will be accepted, however, an administrative fee will be charged in addition to the regular licence fee.

Angling Management Plans

The following Angling Management Plans are published by the Director of the Fish and Wildlife Branch:

Upon request, copies of the Angling Management Plans listed above may also be obtained from your Regional Office.