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Freshwater Fishing Regulations


In-Season Regulation Changes

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In-season changes current to

NOTE: These changes are IN ADDITION TO the published regulations unless noted otherwise here. Be sure to check the published regulations as found in the online version of the 2015-2017 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis.

Water In-Season Change Effective Dates
Fraser River

(upstream of Mission Bridge)
White Sturgeon Conservation Licence required to fish for white sturgeon

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September 12, 2008
Como Lake The age restriction has been rescinded. All anglers may now fish this lake. See regional regulations for daily quotas. October 28, 2008
Squamish River and all tributaries Release all hatchery steelhead

(Note: wild steelhead must also be released)
January 9, 2009
That portion of the Stave River known as the Ruskin Spawning Channel, from the inlet near the dam downstream to the boat ramp crossing Permanently CLOSED to all fishing October 23, 2009
"Green Timbers" Lake, located
within Green Timbers Urban
Forest in the City of Surrey
Trout daily quota = 2 April 1, 2010
Regional daily catch quotas (see
tables for exceptions)
Trout/char: 4, but not more than
  • 1 over 50 cm (2 hatchery steelhead allowed)
  • 2 hatchery fish from streams
  • 1 char (bull trout, Dolly Varden, or lake trout) from lakes
And you must release:
  • Wild trout/char from streams
  • All wild steelhead
  • Hatchery trout/char under 30 cm from streams

Little Campbell River

Between two white triangular fishing boundary signs downstream to the pedestrian bridge at the foot of Stayte Road
Closed to Fishing August 15 through September 14, 2010

Coquihalla River

Upstream of the lower entrance to the lower railway tunnel (mainstem only; tributaries remain closed)

Open to Fishing

(fly fishing only, bait ban, release all trout and char, including steelhead)

September 2 through October 31, 2010