Ministry of Environment

Fish Tagging in British Columbia

Provincial fisheries managers need your co-operation with fish tagging studies currently underway in British Columbia. Some fish are marked with a “spaghetti” tag in the back near the base of the dorsal fin. Spaghetti tagged fish may also be radio tagged. If that is the case, you may see wire protruding from the mouth or from a healed scar on the stomach of the fish.

If you encounter a tagged fish please record the following information:

  1. tag colour and number
  2. date and location where caught or found
  3. species
  4. fish length (estimated length in centimeters or inches)
  5. method of capture (e.g., angling, found, etc.)

Please return information on all tagged fish to the Fish and Wildlife Office in the region where you captured the fish. See the Regional Tables for addresses and phone numbers.

Live fish should be released unharmed to continue their journey and contribute additional information to the study (do not remove the tag or transmitter). If you must kill the fish, and it is legal to do so, please return the tag or transmitter along with the above information.

One exception to this rule is the Kootenay Lake Large Rainbow and Bull Trout $100 Reward Tagging Program: even if releasing the fish, anglers should clip off ALL tags and return them with informaiton above to the Fish and Wildlife Regional Office in Nelson, page Region 4-1.

If you would like further information on these studies, please contact the Fish and Wildlife Office in your region.

Spaghetti Tag