Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

The Quota Variance Principle

It is understood that when the Ministry Responses to the 11 recommendation of the Harvest Allocation Policy Review document are implemented for the 2012-2016 allocation period, a number of guides will still realize a significant reduction in quotas for some category A species and hunts.  To help mitigate these impacts the Ministry is recommending that, in addition to the current Ministry Responses, a section called the quota variance principle be included in the Quota Procedure that states:

When determining guide quotas, the Regional Manager may consider varying from the Quota Procedure when:

  1. The revised quota would not negatively impact the principle of resident hunter priority;
  2. As a result of implementing the Harvest Allocation Policy and Procedure, the guide outfitter would realize a > 30% decrease in their quota for a particular allocated species when compared to their average quota from the previous allocation;
  3. The revised quota would not result in wildlife population sustainability concerns for the allocated species (i.e. would not lead to exceeding the AAH);
  4. The > 30% decrease in quota, as described in (b) is not the result of a decrease in the AAH for the allocated species;
  5. The guide outfitter can demonstrate to the Regional Manager that he or she has made, or will be making, a concerted effort to amend business practices to adjust to the new reduced quota, as described in (b).  An example of this would be the development of a business plan or case detailing what mitigating steps the guide outfitter has taken or will take to accommodate the change in quota; and
  6. The Regional Manager consults with the Director on the proposed change prior to making a final decision.